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Brand & Company: State Bank of India
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Here is a print ad from India's largest bank, State Bank of India. Currently such ads can be seen in outdoor hoardings and print ads. Have you seen these ads in the papers or outside? How do you like them?

As far as I am concerned, I do like the ads. Nothing great but a new way.
The message of this ad is: The banker to every Indian. And that fits given their leadership position in the Indian market.

What confuses me however is the logo. The logo has two taglines: With you - all the way and Pure Banking. Nothing Else.

What is SBI's actual tagline?

I wonder why do they have
two statements in the same logo. The positioning of State Bank of India is pure banking and nothing else. But then why do they need another tagline saying 'With you all the way?' If you know why, leave a comment and share with me.

Source of the ad: afaqs.com

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Rahil said...

Hi Vivek,
I am not sure but this two tagline thing might be there, because SBI is not only into Banking they are number one player in Loans business especially Home loans and this tag line of 'With you all the way' might be to signifyi this to their potential customers...
What do you think...

Vivek Singh said...

Hi Rahil

A company should never have more than 1 tagline. I dont think SBI is having two taglines for its two businesses.

But then one can ask, why does SBI have 2 taglines... it beats me... I have no answer for that.

Debayan said...

Hi Vivek,

The first tagline : With you - all the way shows that SBI has been for the service of Indian people since old times. This conveys the pictures of greats like JRD tata, Rabindranath Tagore and Dadabhai naoroji.

The second tagline shows the business of SBI. That it is focused professionally and committed to its banking business.

Do reply back for discussions!


Vivek Singh said...

Hi Debayan

Point 1. I agree these 3 lines will stand for something and that's why they are there. But my basic disagreement is that you should not stand for 3 things. You can have 1 corporate tagline and 1 creative tagline.

Point 2. I disagree that 'With you all the way' is reflected by the image of JRD Tata etc. This tagline has been there for long and this ad campaign is very new. It is just a coincidence.

By the way, thanks for visiting and commenting.